About Tim

‘Tim’s creativity was boundless, and usually evolved around his sense of fun and imagination. Whenever you would meet Tim, there would almost always be another string to his bow, as a DJ, musician, urban golf course designer...the list goes on... he once broke into the world’s top 20 crazy golfers, and was a member of the ‘magic circle’!
Tim was born in Nottingham on the 12 August 1963, but spent most of his life living in Greenwich, a place where he loved the people, proximity to London, and the open spaces.  Tim began his working life with an apprenticeship for an Industrial plastics firm in Leicestershire, but his passion was creative design, and after studying at Birmingham University, was awarded a place at the Royal College of Art in London.  The springboard from which, he was able to set up his own design consultancy business.  Tim always looked to forge his own path, continually looking to innovate and re-invent his approach through his experiences. 
Tim was consistent in his interest of, and thoughtfulness towards others, and was a friend to those of all generations, relating to both young and old.  He could not do enough the help his family, friends, and colleagues.  He will be remembered by all that met him in this way.
Tim was to come to terms with his illness with immense courage and positivity,  and was able to enjoy some of the happiest times of his life during this time.  Tim married his wife Lydia on 6th July 2013, in Hastings – his proudest achievement.
Tim died of cancer on 2nd March 2014 and had refused to give up until the end. 
In his life, he was a keen cyclist and enjoyed the challenges of the Alps on a number of occasions.  Whilst he would be frustrated not to be able to take part in our trip, we have no doubts that he would have completed the course with a smile, and obviously helping some of his colleagues along the way’